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The Business first emerged off the streets of South London in October 1979, leading a new wave of British punk that was hardly new wave at all. Instead, the Business, along with peers such as Angelic Upstarts, Blitz, and the 4-Skins, came out with a version of punk that was harder and more streetwise than ever, while still maintaining the anthemic qualities of the heavily influential Sham 69.


Commonly referred to as Oi! or street-punk, these groups’ most obvious brethren comprised the early American hardcore scene.
The Business had a particular knack for churning out anthems, as evidenced by their first single, “Harry May,” and followed by such enduring concert staples as “Drinking and Driving” and “Smash the Discos,” both included on the CD re-issue of the classic Suburban Rebels album.

The band were on-and-off again throughout the ’80s, but returned for a strong extended stay in 1994 with Keep the Faith. As usual, the disc mixed tales of football and drinking with wry social commentary and working-class singalongs. The lineup of Mickey Fitz (vocals), Steve Whale (guitar), Lol Proctor (bass), and Mickey Fairbairn (drums) released No Mercy for You in July of 2001.

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