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The Last Resort was founded in 1980 by Roi Pearce (bass), Charlie Duggan (guitar), Andy Benfield (drums) and singer Graham Saxby. The name was borrowed from a shop for punk and skinhead culture in London. Mickey French, owner of the store, became manager of the group. In the original cast they played a few concerts and recorded a 3 song demo . Among these songs was the later band anthem Violence in Our Minds . Roi Pearce finally took over the vocals and with Arthur Kitchener came a new bassist in the band.The band participated in the three Oi! Samplers Strength Thru Oi! Carry on Oi! and Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! , in the latter as "The Warriors". 1982 appeared the debut albumSkinhead Anthems . The concerts were often wild, many had to be stopped because of brawls. The band was composed of avowed FC Millwall supporters, so there was often friction with hooligans from West Ham United . Shortly after the release of the highly esteemed debut in skinhead circles, the group broke up for the first time because of the constant brawls.

   After various reunion plans, the reunification lineup in 1988 eventually consisted of Roi Pearce (vocals), Mark Edwards (guitar, ex-The Rivals), Dean Wilkinson (drums) and Mick Melville (bass). Andy Benfield and Arthur Kitchener, who had signed the reunion, did not participate in the reformed group, which shortened their name to The Resort. The Reunionsalbum but remained in the group only until the final Christmas concert in 1990, which then dissolved again.guitarist, failed and remained quite unsuccessful. Michael Hiller joined the group as the second poppier appeared under the title Resort 1988 and was clearly Glory , under the title Death or Combat 84 with split LPIn 1987, an unlicensed 





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