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  The Battalion of Saints are one of the more hard core punk bands from there time. Starting in 1980 out of San Diego,Their songs were nonstop blasts of adrenaline and raw power. The Batts were one of the most furious and nihilistic bands that were ahead of there time. In 5 years the band accomplished unforgettable performance’s leaving a deep impression and influence on the punk rock scene. The original band broke up in 1985. The mainstay of the band is the singer, George Anthony. In 1995, George reformed the band with his friend Terry Bones (Discharge, Broken Bones, U.K. Subs). Who helped write new songs with driving guitar trax for George to scream his fucking guts all over, Sounding comparable to any number of the old hair razing jams.Completing a full U.S. tour that year with L.A.’s Total Chaos. Battalion of Saints made it’s returned to the punk scene. To the East coast and back in 4 brutal and fun filled weeks the band was reborn. Still alive and kicking with help and love from many friends along the way The band is reformed again and on it’s way to continue to blow doors with a new C.D. And of course preforming the unforgettable epic brutal hits with just as much love and hate that pushed there cutting edge hard core hits up your ass and in your face. The original Battalion of Saints lineup put out the “Fighting Boys” 12″ EP, and the “Second Coming” LP, plus numerous compilation tracks.

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